Application For Membership
(Type or Print Clearly in Black Ink Only To Avoid Mistakes)
To the Officers and Members of _______________________________________________________________________
Camp No. _______________
, Located at ____________________________________________________
State of___________________________.
I, the undersigned, respectfully petition to become a member of the
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Initial dues are $20.00 with a $5.00 recording fee; local and state fees are additional.
And if accepted, do hereby promise strict compliance to the Constitution and rules of the organization.
The Confederate patriot through whom I petition for membership, and who adhered to the Cause of the Confederate
States of America was my_____________________________________________________
whose name was
Relationship to Applicant (Print Clearly)
Full name of Confederate soldier (Print Clearly)
of _______________________________________________, ____________________________________.
City / County (Print Clearly)
Lineal [ ]
Collateral [ ]
(check one)
Confederate ancestor was a ______________________
In Company _________________,
Rank(Print Clearly)
Complete name of regiment or unit (Print Clearly)
My Confederate ancestor was paroled [ ], surrendered [ ], released on oath [ ], discharged [ ], killed [ ], or died [ ]
(check one)
and Is buried In _______________________________________________________
Name of Cemetery
_________________________________________________         ______________________________________________
Clearly Print Full Name
Legal Signature
Zip Code
Date of Birth
Home Phone
Work Phone
Recommended by
Report on Application
This application has been examined, and from the information which the camp committee has been able to procure, is approved.
_______________________________________________        _________________________________________________
Current Member's Name
Camp Name & Number
Camp Committee on Application
_______________________________________________        _________________________________________________
Camp Committee on Application
_______________________________________________                          _________________________________________
Date Approved for Membership by Camp
Date Received at IHQ