Captain Thomas W. Patton
          Camp 2021
Camp 2021 Events 2011

January 19th: Camp meeting/Lee-Jackson Dinner
February 15th: Camp meeting
March 5th: Ohio Division Convention, Boardman, Ohio
March 13th: St. Patrick's Day Parade, Boardman, Ohio
March 15th: Camp Meeting
March 19-20 and & 26-27th: Maple Syrup Festival, Boardman Park, Boardman, Ohio
April 19: Camp meeting,  Boardman, Ohio
May 6th - 8th: Beaver Creek Reenactment
May 17: Camp Meeting
May 28-29th: Burton Reenactment Burton, Ohio
May 30: Memorial Day Parade, Canfield, Ohio
June 10-11: Old Bedford Village: Meet the Generals
June 21th: Camp meeting
July 3-4: Gettysburg Reenactment
July 19th: Camp meeting
August 13-14: Wild West Train Robbery/Jefferson
August 16th: Camp meeting,Boardman, Ohio
August 21: Willoughby Parade, Willoughby, Ohio  step off at 1:00 pm
September 1-5: Canfield Fair
September 10-11: Antiques in the Woods/Shaker Woods
September 20: Camp meeting,  Boardman, Ohio
September 24-25: Jefferson Confederate Train Raid
October 8: Austintown Park SCV  tent set-up
October 18th: Camp meeting, Boardman, Ohio
November 6th: Veterans Day , Lake Park Cemetery ?
November 15th: Camp meeting,  Boardman, Ohio
November 20-22nd: Remembrance Day, Gettysburg, PA
November 27th: Wintersville Parade
                      *  Dates are subject to change.